Indian Post (GDS TO PA) 2022 PDF

Indian Post (GDS TO PA) 2022

Indian Post (GDS TO PA) 2022 PDF
Indian Post (GDS TO PA) 2022 PDF


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Indian Post (GDS TO PA) 2022

01. What is the current rate of
interest on savings account ?

Ans. 4%

02. How many adult may open a
joint savings account ?

Ans. 2

03. What is the minimum age of
opeining single savings account by a minor himself  in his name ?

Ans. 10 years

04. What is the free of making
nomination in savings account first time ?

Ans. Free

 05. How many times withdrawal can be made from
a savings account standing at BO in a day ?

Ans. Only once

06. Up to what amount payment
order for withdrawal from savings account may be sanction by a branch
postmaster ?

Ans. Rs 5000/-

07. What is minimum amount may
be withdrawn by a  cheque from a cheque
savings account ?

Ans. Rs 50/-

08. After how many consecutive
years without any transaction a savings account is treated as silent account ?

Ans. 3 years

09. What is the fee for transfer
of savings account from one post to another post office?

Ans. Free

10. What is the maximum balance
may be deposit two single/joint account ?

Ans. No maximum limit

11. Vision of Indian post office
is –

Ans. Indian Post product and
services will be customer first choice

12. Mission of India post is –

Ans.  To sustain is position as largest network in
the world

To provide speedy and reliability service to the nation

To provide value for the money service to the customer.

13. ENO has been introduced in
the year –

Ans.  2008

14. Business post directorate
has been established is –

Ans.  1996

15. Business parcel service has
been introduce on –

Ans.  2 Dec, 2013

16. Identified FSI vendor by DOP
is –

Ans.  TCS

17. Identify CSI vendor by DOP
is –

Ans.  TCS

18. In Philately PAC means –

Ans.  Philately advisory committee

19. Franking  machine licence is issue by –

Ans.  Head of the division

20. Recall of postal article
free for each article is –

Ans.  6/-

21. Limit of detain artical is
post office which are received for delivery inland & foreign article –

Ans.  7 & 15 days

22. Cost of identity card is –

Ans.  9/-

23. Postal restante article can
be detained is post office –

Ans.  1 month

24. The weight limit book packet
is –

Ans.  5 kg

25. The weight limit of book
pattern and simple packet is –

Ans.  2 kg

26. Licence for registered
newspaper is issue by –

Ans.  SSP/ SP

27. Parcel can be sent by
unregistard up to –

Ans.  4 kg

28. In which cases registration
is compulsory –

Ans.  Any parcel exceed 4 kg

Any insured article

Any VIP article

29. Insured article limit in
case currency note and any value of article –

Ans.  20,000 & 1,00,000

30. Limit to branch office for
booking of insured article is –

Ans.  Rs 600/-

31. Demurrage charge on letter
and parcel is Rs –

Ans.  2,3

32. IPO can be paid up second
commission up to –

Ans.  3 years

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